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Fishing Barometer

1.49 usd

GooglePlay's FIRST and ONLY fishing barometer! This app just got reviewed by Ontario Out of Doors Magazine!
** Your phone MUST have a barometric pressure sensor for this app to function! **** Not yet optimized for tablets! ***** There is a bug inherent to Barometers in Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 phones that will stop measuring results after several days.This is an Android problem and will be addressed in a future release. Until then, your phone will need to be rebooted every few days to restart the services with any barometer applications --> Nexus 4 and 5 only ****

** Sends a notification when the pressure trend is optimal! **
The Fishing Barometer measures the local barometric pressure and keeps a record over a three hour period. It analyzes the period to determine the trend and translates it into the fishing conditions!
* Customisable notifications - Set the time you want to receive them, or turn them on and off. * Quality of fishing conditions and current trend at-a-glance * Define the trends your own way - Personalize your fishing success. ** NEW! ** See your latest raw pressure data!
I am a heavy bass fisherman and I have been relying on Barometric Pressure for a few years. I decided to share this app I've been using the past few seasons. I hope you like it!
Note: It will take 3 hours for the accuracy of the meter to be reliable. Three hours is the minimum for a pressure trend to be established.
Feel free to send me comments/requests for any features you'd like to see added!
This is going to be an included feature in my upcoming Fishing app - if you get this app, it will give you a sneak peak and a discount on the fully featured package!